October 9, 2020

Eurostars Grant

Claartje Ypma

Augmedit B.V. and Disior Oy receive Eurostars Grant to further develop Augmented Reality tools for surgeons

Augmedit B.V. and Disior Oy, a Dutch/Finnish high-tech consortium, have been awarded a Eurostars grant (“SAPIENS3D”) with a total budget of €1 million. The SAPIENS3D project was ranked in the top 6% of all applications. The funds will be used to further develop medical AR (Augmented Reality) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools to generate 3D holograms for health practitioners’ use, both prior to and during surgeries. Using AI, these tools analyze medical scans (CT, MRI) and turn them into 3D visualization with automatically segmented ‘points of interest’ such as blood vessels and tumors. AR as a technology will allow for far superior patient outcomes compared to current 2D methods, by offering more precise, better predictable and therefore much safer surgery procedures. Through their joint R&D as well as offering direc t end-user participation, the novel SAPIENS3D consortium intends to revolutionize the way operations take place.A hologram is worth a thousand scans.Claartje Ypma, CEO Augmedit: “Augmented Reality is the new frontier in medical imaging. This technology will lead to enhanced diagnosis, greater surgical precision & efficiency and improved outcome. We are thrilled to receive this grant and to be working on the development of our promising platform together with Disior

”.“The diagnostic imaging market is a huge one, as medical images account for up to 90% of all medical data. Despite significant impro vements in X-ray, MRI, and CT scan technologies, doctors still analyze these images using 2D slices – we like to say it's like doctors examining medical images with one eye only. With this project we can give the surgeons true 3D vision for diagnosis and treatment ” Disior CEO Anna-Maria Henell explains.Augmedit B.V. is an emerging Dutch medical software company that develops augmented reality applications for surgeons that seamlessly integrate their workflow with state-of-the-art mixed reality tools, driving improved outcomes. Reliable and easy to use.Disior Ltd is a Helsinki-based startup that specializes in turning CT and MRI images into mathematical models and numerical analysis. They developed a cloud-based 3D analytics software for medical doctors that automatically analyzes, quantifies, and parameterizes medical images.‍‍

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