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Using 2D imaging technology for preoperative and operative care is difficult, inefficient and provides room for error. Our intuitive AR based system accelerates the surgeon's insights that will drive improved patient outcomes and costs savings

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2D to 3D

Connect your DICOM images with our secure Lumi cloud, convert them to a 3D volume model, connect your own segmentation algorithm and create a hologram.

AVAILABLE on the European market. Suitable for 3D Labs, researchers, CMF surgeons and more to follow.


Neurosurgical planning

Use the LumiNE Lite module to convert medical scans of the head into 3D and to automatically segment relevant anatomical structures.

AVAILABLE on the European market.
Suitable for neurosurgical staff.




Intra-operative neurosurgical

Use the LumiNE Elite module to match the generated hologram on the head of the patient with great precision for intra-operative visualization.

COMING SOON (under development)

Augmented surgeries beyond the head


Hologram picture
What we offer

Key advantages


Your workflow enriched with intuitive Augmented Reality


Low priced
subscription model

Hardware agnostic

Compatible with HoloLens 2,
the web, mobile
(coming soon)

How does it work

Navigating and storing
your patient images

Augmedit offers you not only precise guidance during your surgery, but also an easy to handle data system to keep track off all your patient scans and to transfer them to 3D volume models

Diagram explaining how the system works

Treat what you see,
see what you treat

For shared decision making and education

The patient-specific 3D holograms enhance patient understand & engagement, resulting in improved patient-clinician communication.

For surgical planning

A hologram is worth a thousand scans. Augmedit enables surgeons & the OR team to more efficiently prepare themselves to the surgical procedure.

For intra-operative use

By matching these holograms on patients, the system provides state of the art AR guidance & visualization during procedures, while driving massive cost savings.

Augmedit meets the growing needs of specialists worldwide by introducing a complete and intuitive AR workflow for clinical practice.

Tristan van Doormaal
CMO / Founder
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Claartje Ypma

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